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J. Patricia

In a Nutshell

I am a Canadian writer of Fantasy and Science Fiction. I have three little kids and a full-time day job as a programmer. Currently I write in my "spare time" but I'd love to make it...maybe 30% of my work time one day :D. More is probably wildly unrealistic, but full disclosure, I did recently make a deal with the gods above and below about what I will do for them if I get to retire early (even one year early!) or quit my day job outright. Stay tuned for that in twenty-five years or so.

I primarily write Fantasy novels and novellas about trees and non-human characters. Science Fiction is in my future--I wrote the 1st draft of my first Sci Fi novel at the end of 2021 but recently lost it to the ether in the age-old battle between authors and technology (BACK UP YOUR WORK. Now. Yes, RIGHT NOW). Ha. I'll re-write it someday.

In most of my work you can expect sibling relationships and mind-to-mind connections. In my Fantasy there is usually an outwardly "soft" magic system that is hard underneath, non-human perspectives, and characters tackling big questions. My Science Fiction focuses on reproductive rights, gender, sex, and feminist dystopia vs utopia.

I always have a few projects on the go and I will blog about them here!

You can also follow me on twitter if you like random kid posts and word count updates.

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