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Daughters of Tith

Pronunciation guide

I wasn't going to include one because I grew up like: "we only say fantasy words in our heads and no one actually knows how to pronounce any of them", but now there are tv shows and movies and the internet and booktubers so...might as well list the easy rules to the most controversial pronunciations before someone makes a video about DoT :D.

I should clarify that I did grow up with the internet, I just wasn't a part of any fandoms where things were said out loud LOL. It was all written. Who knew everyone was pronouncing things so differently???

I genuinely do not mind how readers choose to pronounce anything in the book. Feel free to disregard this (relatively ineffective) pronunciation guide! My brother pronounced one of the character's names wrong in conversations with me for years (while I actively said it differently) before he was convinced so...*shrug* haha. I'm cool with it.

I also don't know how to use those fancy symbols that show people how to pronounce things, so this is the best I can do.

The two biggest rules I follow are these:

  1. "ai" is the "ay" sound (notably in Calendrai and Kadailin)

  2. "ae" is the "eye" sound (this one will be controversial because I got it from the Icelandic "æ". I assume North Americans will go "ay" and UK will go "ee" but hey, it's "eye" in the world of DoT!) (notable in Ovaeron, in this first book)

The two words (outside the above rules) that readers will definitely pronounce differently than I do:

  1. Derkra -- for the "der": logic says "dur", I say "dare". "Dare-kra" hehe

  2. Cens -- I pronounce this pretty close to the French word "sans" but with the ending s, as you would if connecting it with another word that starts with a vowel like in "sans exception"! For the, you can just call it whatever you like haha. I understand no one would ever have guessed this but now you know :D

The rest are going to be affected by regional accents and emphasis like anything, but will probably be pretty tame compared to other fantasy worlds. One day I'll make a video just saying all these things but for now you have this.

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