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Children of the Trees

CHILDREN OF THE TREES is a planned five-book High Fantasy series about the kandar, a guardian race created to guide and inspire the humans of the nine Earths. Currently it is only a one-book High Fantasy...series?


It begins with DAUGHTERS OF TITH, which came out on May 1st, 2023.


Book I

Daughters of Tith

The kandar have been exiled to their homeworld for generations--lost from their Purpose and from the Earths--and none of them know why or how to change that.

Release date: May 1, 2023

Book II

Three Trees

THREE TREES takes place before DAUGHTERS OF TITH and tells the story of the kandaran war.

1st draft done. Editing into a 2nd draft as we speak :D. Hoping to release in late 2024.


Book III

Shh it's a secret...

Updates here when I start drafting this one.

Book IV

Keeping it under wraps for now

Updates in a few years :D

Clear ice on the lake
Red Leaves

Book V

The title of this one is a huge spoiler!

It'll be a while.

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