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Can*Con 2022

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

I am still in the post-con death phase so I don't know if I can write this yet but I want to. I wonder if by making this placeholder I'll be able to force myself to come back to expand on it tonight or tomorrow!

One of the main things I'm aiming to do with this blog is NOT put too much pressure on it. If I plan for every post to be perfect and cover all the topics I want to cover...I'll never write them. So here is a very sparse Can*Con 2022 post just to say that OMG THIS CON WAS GREAT. I'm not sure I have much more in me at the moment, but I don't want to forgo writing the post entirely!

Can*Con 2022 was so good that almost...ready to say it was as good as my first con? No. See that's blasphemy...or is it? I really need emojis right now to get my message across!

Saw a ton of old friends, made a plethora of new, bought too many books (and carted even more to the con to have signed) :D.

Pictured here, 2 freebies on top and my purchases from wonderful friends who are also wonderful authors. I'm excited! And I definitely only just noticed all the creepy little babies on that On Spec cover...haha!

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