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DoT's release date is tomorrow...

I meant to write a big post today about this, but I'm a bit sick, very tired, and ended up busier than I expected! Isn't that always the way around important events. Instead of a big, planned post, I guess I'll just ramble on a bit because I figure that's better than nothing on this, my last day as an unpublished author...!!!

(Let's pretend I haven't already heard from friends in other parts of the world that the book is available there because it's after midnight hahaha)


And now I find myself staring at this page and having NO IDEA what to say.

I guess I'll just say that DoT (and the larger series CotT) has been the most important thing in my secret inner life for most of my life. And DoT is now a digital and physical book that other people can read! That is amazing and also very strange! It has actually been a book (or technically a manuscript?) for a long time but was still a secret thing that only I had! Now it's about to be available ON THE INTERNET all over the world...eep.

I did it. I made it happen. Hopefully some people will read it hahaha.

It turns out I have nothing useful to say after all so I will just stop here and write something better tomorrow :D. At least I tried haha.

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