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Blog update

I haven't updated this in a loooong time so I'm just going to do a quick one right now to get something down.

Let's see.

I wanted to do blog posts about these things:

  • How DoT is doing as a published book in its first couple months

  • SPFBO9! (I got in--woo!)

  • Something about how I'm publishing YBaB in August

  • A summary of my May California trip (very late now lol) and the Nebula conference

  • Er...I don't even remember anymore

Hopefully I can do some of those as full posts eventually but for now, a very quick summary!

Published DoT:

DoT came out on May 1st, and so far 76 copies have sold! 30 ebooks, 33 paperbacks, and 13 hardcovers. I think that's pretty good. Hoping to continue selling at least some in the coming months. Hoping for more ratings and reviews to keep the ball rolling!


DoT got into SPFBO9!

A quick explanation for those who don't know what that is:

Every year Mark Lawrence runs a competition for self-published fantasy books. They have ten blogs reviewing and judging, and they start with 300 entrants and slowly whittle them down until they have a winner. The whole thing takes almost a year. The contest opened at 8AM in my timezone, and I got my confirmation of entry at 8:03AM :D, which is good because this year it filled FAST. 41 minutes to get all 300 entrants! The contest officially started on June 1st.

DoT is starting off under The Weatherwax Report blog with 29 other books. The blog has two reviewers and the one who is reading DoT has...already read it! Eek. Now it's just a waiting game to see if she liked it or not :).


I am publishing YOUR BLOOD AND BONES (YBaB) on August 27th! I submitted YBaB to two small presses last year just to give it a trad pub shot, but since those didn't work out I'm going to publish it myself. It's a weird little novella but I love it, so now it will have a chance to find a weird little audience.

I've got a cover artist and a cover designer working on it, and the ARCs are printed already (and on their way to me--pics when they arrive)! I had originally wanted to publish it in November but someone managed to get a novella contest (SFINCS--alternatively 'BABYBO') started and it's taking entrants in September lol. So I had to try to get it out before that! Hopefully it doesn't fill in 5 minutes hahaha.

For any DoT fans--they are not related AT ALL. YBaB even has content warnings...which is not DoT's scene (DoT is pretty bright, all things considered). I'll post more about YBaB as the pub date approaches.


I don't have much to say about this right now, but look at DoT with a big tree:

Clearly DoT belongs in those forests and so do I!

Hoping to post more soon. I need to at least do a better post about DoT's journey since May 1st and one about SPFBO!

For now, keep your fingers crossed for me that DoT can stay alive in SPFBO into July LOL.

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