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Chapter 2 preview of DoT is live! Along with something very special...

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

I've decided to release a chapter of DoT on the 1st of every month until release day. That means you got Chapter 1 on Nov 1, you're getting Chapter 2 today, Chapter 3 on Jan 1, etc, with Chapter 6 being released on April 1 and the whole book coming out on May 1, 2023!

In a perfect world, only people who are actually interested in what DoT contains would read it. Some of those people won't like it, of course, but ideally it won't attract readers who have *no* interest in I think it's best to have a solid preview section available for any who want to check it out before I ask them to purchase! I know this isn't a perfect world but I can try :D.

By the end of Chapter 6 the reader will have met all 6 point-of-view characters and have a good sample of the writing and content :).

Here are DoT's chapters so far:

And the something very special is...

My friend Alethea is a talented SFF writer and fantastic beta reader. She also does short audio recordings of work by friends in her spare time! Alethea beta read DoT earlier in the year and was willing to narrate a section of Chapter 2 to coincide with the release.

I love this section because it gives the reader a good summary of the difference between Derkra and the Earths.

The link to the audio is here (~5 minutes):

Daughters of Tith Audio Excerpt, from Storytime by Alethea Lyons

The other Storytime narrated stories are wonderful if you want to check them out too. This is the main Storytime page.

Alethea writes Science Fantasy with a wonderful mix I've personally never seen before and absolutely love. Cyborgs and fae both done to perfection. If you're missing romance while reading DoT, Alethea has you covered! Her debut novel THE HIDING, a dark supernatural fantasy, will come out from Brigids Gate Press in Spring 2024.

Alethea can be found here:

Twitter: @AletheaRLyons

And probably on Mastadon and IG and TikTok and *takes a deep breath* I don't know, because I haven't yet made the jump! Haha.

Obligatory Land/Side water side pic to represent DoT <3.

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