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DoT cover reveal

The cover for DAUGHTERS OF TITH is here...

Or, it's technically been here the whole time in various states of development because I did it myself, but it's here for you now, in its final form! I'll tell a little story about how that came to be if you'll bear with me. If not, here is a link to (slightly) farther down the page where you can see it right away. And another link to the bottom of the page where you can request an eARC if you want to skip everything.

So, I did my own cover. That was not my original intention, but as with most of my publishing process it feels like it kind of just happened...even if that isn't really true.

I've had DoT in my head for a long time but I never really had a cover concept in mind. That's most likely because there was a time I hoped it would be traditionally published, so I had divorced myself from notions of control over its eventual appearance.

What I did know was this:

  • I didn't want one of those covers a la ASoIaF where it's one colour with a stylised object in the middle (nothing against that style but it didn't fit my feelings about DoT specifically)

  • I didn't want a dark cover (again I have no problem with them, but it doesn't really represent DoT)

  • and I wanted the cover to be pretty

I'm a big art collector so the idea of getting cover art was very exciting for me. I believe in paying artists what they're worth and I believe they're worth more than most of them get. So as soon as I knew I was self-publishing DoT I started my search with most of my budget committed to art. I initially struggled to find what I was looking for. Then I started to find too much...

That's when I realised I'd never survive the impending decision paralysis. Cue panic--followed shortly after by planning.

Once I realised I wouldn't be able to choose if I had too many options, I decided to choose right off the bat and commit 100% to a specific artist. I would query them and if they were unavailable or uninterested, that's when I would look for someone else. One option at a time. No decision to be made.

Then I found the artist...and that's when the cover concept solidified in my mind. Their style was perfect, their colours were magical, their depiction of scale was unparalleled, and their use of light--*mind blown*. I became convinced that no one else could do it.

So I emailed them! And they didn't respond hahaha. I waited a month (I started really early so I had time), emailed again, and still no response. Now--I'm nobody and I know that. I'm not surprised they didn't answer and I hold no grudges. I actually think it's hilarious (which is why I like telling this story too much). This was only the beginning of me not getting answers to my emails--maybe my email address is sketchy?--so in hindsight it's definitely not surprising. It would have been fabulous if it had worked out, but that's okay!

At that point in the plan I was supposed to move on to a new artist obsession. I started the search all over again but I couldn't get the first artist out of my head. The concept was too well developed and I could only see it done by them...

Or by me.

Uh oh. This is when I look at the camera and say: I'm doing my own cover art, aren't I?

Anyway, here it is :D.















The kandar are the children of the trees. Powerful. Immutable. Nine hundred eternal beings who need no sleep nor sustenance, created at the beginning of time to guard the nine human Earths.

That was never meant to change.

The youngest of five sisters, Tchardin is about to be acknowledged as queen of the kandar. She must lead them in their Creator-given Purpose–to guide and inspire the humans–but her people have been exiled to their homeworld for generations. None of them have seen the Earths. Not one of them has met a human.

Tchardin can think of no way to end their exile until a strange longing calls her from beyond the shore of their island. Most of her sisters tell her to ignore it, to take her place as queen and focus on the kandar. One suggests she answer it, as it might be the key to finally returning her people to their Purpose.

DoT may interest you if you like:

  • non-human characters (6 POVs)

  • sibling stories (5 sisters--although they are non-human)

  • secondary-world, reverse-portal fantasy (start in fantasy land, go to...a bunch of slightly-less-fantasy lands)

  • mind-to-mind connections

  • BIG trees (and average trees and small trees)

  • chonky High Fantasy books (640 pages in paperback <3)

There are 5 sample chapters of DoT on my website so far. The 6th and final early chapter release will be on April 1.

I meant to have a final physical copy by the reveal but life has not cooperated and instead I had two slightly older versions (with different colour profiles and some flaws) available for a photoshoot...

Paperback angles/random journey outside and inside my house to find the best light:

I can attest that my phone camera does not do them justice.

And just for fun, here are the DoTs with a bunch of my hardcovers. They were all laid out for research purposes--because there will be a DoT hardcover--and the DoTs just snuck in.

(Bonus DoT hardcover ARC thrown in on the bottom left)

So there it is. You might like the book if you like the cover!

DoT's release date is May 1, 2023.

You can add DAUGHTERS OF TITH on goodreads if you want to keep track of it.

There is also a DAUGHTERS OF TITH Amazon eBook pre-order now! It will be available on KU (kindle unlimited) for the first few months so no need to purchase if you are a subscriber and prefer that :).

Lastly, if it looks like your kind of thing and you'd like to read in advance of release I have a form you can fill out to request an eARC!

Issues with the form or want to set something else up? Feel free to message me on twitter @onDerkra or contact me from my website.

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