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I've been ignoring the blog

And it's mostly for the reason I planned to cover in my next blog post, which remains a draft...

I'm going back to work in February and I'm freaking out about it! This is my third (and likely final) parental leave. Thanks to Canada and my employer they have been 12 months, 12 months, and now 18 months long. This is the only one where I've managed to be productive at my "hobbies" as well as take care of the baby and the family. Which is a double edged sword because...well, that's GREAT but now I strongly lament the impending decrease in my time and energy levels. I still plan to write a post about this but just thinking about it is depressing lol.

A couple other reasons: December is busy for our family with 2 birthdays and Christmas, and I was rushing to get ARCs done for DoT before the new year.

I DID finish the ARCs, at least. I should also make a post about them, but I will likely do that in January instead!

For now--I intended to post regularly here even if I didn't have a whole big thing to say, or time to edit, or structure a post, or etc., so that's what this is!

If I have the time and energy I'll do a "year in review" post as well. The looming return to work is really getting to me though, so I can't promise anything :(.

OH, also my December word count goal for TTN was 15,000 words and...I'm at...548 HAHAHA. I feel a dramatic sprint to the end coming so maybe I can achieve at least a less embarrassing result than that, but we'll have to see :D.

Oh, OH. I had another idea for a novella. And I love it. So it will have to duel to the death with my other novella idea for the "write one novella in 2023" spot. Let's call them SS and SD (new). Huh. I feel my acronyms are getting less interesting.

Image to commemorate the ornaments my kids broke this holiday season. I think it was a new record of five.

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