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NaNoWriMo 2022: The final stretch

Last two days of NaNo!!!

This one was a struggle. Nearly gave up when I had too many personal commitments and sick kids and sick self etc during the third week. Now there are two days to go and I sit at...46,004. Almost on track!

There were many days in a row I didn't have the time or energy to write, and I was stuck at 27,000 words. My biggest end of day deficit was on Nov 22 when I was 8,539 words behind with very little will to continue.

Nov 22

Word count: 28,128

Target: 36,667

Then, the comeback!

Nov 28

Word count: 46,004

Target: 46,667

This was SO TOUGH. But enough people encouraged me to continue back at 27,000 and I decided to pick myself up and do it. Once I've decided something...well.

Only 4K left and two days to do it. I'll aim for 2,500+ today so tomorrow is easy. Excited to hopefully win NaNoWriMo for the second time (and second year in a row!) assuming no disasters HAHAHA.

Here are my daily word counts:

Ugh, I forgot Nov 14 (my birthday! haha wow). Nov 14: 33

And here is the graph (including today's 0, which I hope will change!):

I'll do a close-out post when I'm done but that's it for now! Almost there!

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