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YBaB update

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

"YBaB" being "Your Blood and Bones", a Fantasy novella with elements of horror!

(I usually sound out my acronyms instead of spelling them, so when you see "YBaB" think of me saying "Ye-bab" rather than "Y-B-a-B", and for "DoT" I've always said "dot" instead of "D-o-T" :D)

YBaB came to me fully formed in December 2020 after a compulsion forced me to listen to a specific song on repeat for a couple weeks. Probably played it a few hundred times. Drove my husband mad :D. I finally wrote the first draft in January 2022, then I let it sit around until September...when I found out Neon Hemlock was opening for novella submissions. I still had to finish 3T in September so I only started editing YBaB around September 20.

But now....the second draft of YBaB is complete! I read the whole thing out loud to my husband, my brother is half-way through it, and my mom asked for it today! It's nice to have a small project (33K words) so readers can finish quickly <3.

After family alpha/beta readers I'll probably have two non-family members beta read it before I submit it to Neon Hemlock's open period for novellas (Oct 11-24). I'll be aiming for submission some time between Oct 17 and 23 to give myself some space to do a last pass a week from now and also to see if anyone at Can*Con wants to take a look :O!

I queried DoT for a few months in 2021, but other than that I've never submitted anything! Yikes! This is going to be interesting. But it should be fun!

Since I've finished that I can now switch to planning brain for NaNoWriMo 2022...

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