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Your Blood and Bones comes out on August 27th!

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Many of you will have seen the cover reveal posts circulating by now, but if not, here is a look at the final cover for YOUR BLOOD AND BONES! Followed by the back cover blurb.

Your Blood and Bones front cover

Kill the monsters when they’re found.

No matter who they used to be.

The girl with secret feathers in her skin and strange bones jutting out beneath her clothes is resigned to her fate. Her deformities mark her a monster and the stories say monsters must die.

When her family finds out and turns on her, a village boy saves her and leads her on a frantic escape. The girl believes her death has merely been delayed—until he mentions a cure.

With the world against them and the monstrous change progressing, they must cross water, forest, and field to chase the rumor that fuels their desperate hope. But is hope enough to keep them going?

And since no one has shared this yet, here is the full spread of the absolutely gorgeous artwork done by Jenna Vincent:

Your Blood and Bones full spread artwork

This is the first artwork I have ever commissioned! I am an art collector but prior to this it was only of finished pieces. I have to say that my experience working with Jenna was literally perfect. I didn't know what I wanted when I contacted her, only that her skills would do the story justice. I believe we share similar interests artistically and during this process we even found we've both been inspired to create by music from the same band :D. It was a match made in heaven.

The artist's website: The artist's twitter:

The design for each of the various formats of the cover was done by Virginia McClain. Here is the largest spread, the dust jacket with flaps for the hardcover:

Your Blood and Bones full hardcover layout

Here, again, I found the process to go extremely smoothly and produce a beautiful result, and I can't recommend Virginia enough!

The designer's twitter:

YOUR BLOOD AND BONES (YBaB) is a standalone fantasy novella with horror elements. Readers coming to YBaB from my debut novel, DAUGHTERS OF TITH (DoT), should take note that YBaB is a darker story and there are content warnings that should be observed before checking it out. The content warnings are listed in the beginning of the novella for: body horror, self-harm, and gore.

If you are a horror reader I can imagine this will be a much tamer read than you're used to, but given that DoT is on the brighter end of the scale, these warnings may be important to some of its readers.

In the spirit of reveals I've decided to share the first scene! If you like the look of it you can:


The eBook (available in many places, not just Amazon!) is up for 0.99$ during the pre-order period but it will be priced at 2.99$ after release, so if you're thinking of picking it up, now is the time! I will also be attempting to enter YBaB in SFINCS/BABYBO (an indie novella competition) in September so if you're planning to follow along, get it cheap(er) before it's too late :D.

Although I must also say that the paperback and hardcover are gorgeous so hey, they are also an option ;). Many of the physical pre-order options are populating a bit more slowly but should be up soon. I will post about them again.

If you are a reviewer and would like a copy to read at any time you can let me know on twitter or by the contact form on this website :)--although BABYBO judges may prefer to wait until the competition. I provide free ebooks and occasionally am able to mail a free physical copy!

Release date: August 27th, 2023

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